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The night was stormy and loud as thunder rolled off hills and lightning split the sky into two azure blankets. Animals ran for cover as a few bolts touched the grass, singing the ground. An Asian style mansion was placed neatly in the hills while the storm raged on, tearing up a few trees. There was a family inside, some asleep, others awake doing their own things. Kuroi was sitting in her car with her brother as they were trying to figure out whether to get out or stay in the car until someone came. Kuroi's brother, Jayce, looked out the window for anybody that might come for them. "Ku, I'm bored...Wait...what's that big house over there?"

"I dunno, it's supposed to be abandoned or something." she said, sighing. She shivered a bit in the cold.

"I wanna go check it out. I think I see lights on..."

"Um, okay. Where’s the umbrella?" she said, looking up as she was about to turn off the car.

"I've got it." he said, opening the car door and stepping into the rain.

She got out next to him, looking at the mansion. "It's not too far away, I guess…So let’s go." Jayce opened the umbrella, glad that it spread out over both of them. They started walking towards the mansion, its dark figure looming over them in the darkness of the rain. Kuroi was only a year or two younger than Jayce, and she still relied on her older brother. She grabbed his hand, a bit scared of the house as the windows seemed to have crimson red curtains the same shade as her own hair.

"Kinda creepy, huh?" he said as they got to the front door of the house.

"You think?" she answered

"Oh yeah." he said, as he knocked on the front door. The door seemed to creak open, a man standing there in the open doorway. He was a frugal looking young man with hawk yellow eyes and slicked back white hair. "Uhh...Hello." Jayce said a bit nervously.

"Why hello there young sir." Said the man.

"Hi. My sister and I are lost, and we need a place to stay for the night..." Jayce said, looking up at the man.

Kuroi sort of hid behind Jayce and said "Yeah… We’ll pay you if needed…"

The man just smiled and said "No need."

"Thank you." Jayce said, letting out a sigh of relief. The man stepped aside to show a gothic looking hallway that was beautifully decorated. Kuroi took a step in, looking around curiously. Jayce followed, also looking around at everything with curiosity in his eyes. "Wow...this place is huge..."

"I built the whole thing myself." The man said "By the way, my name’s Lord Hugo."

Kuroi looked around the hallway "Ooh…pretty."

Jayce looked at Hugo "How could you have built this massive mansion? That's insane..."

"It’s not insane with hard work." he laughed a bit as he led them to a room with two queen sized beds with gold sheets, curtains, and white pillows.

Jayce saw the beds and his jaw dropped. "Whoa..."

"Pretty!" Ku said, going over and jumping on the bed, being sent back up in the air, bouncing repeatedly. "Whee!"

Jayce laughed as he watched Ku bounce on the bed. "You seem hyper, Ku."

"I haven't done this in forever!" she said, making poses while she jumped

Lord Hugo laughed. "I leave you to rest up my children."

Jayce looked at Hugo for a sec and then shrugged. "Why would he call us his children...Meh, I don't care."

Kuroi bounced on the bed some more "I don't think we’re kids. I mean, you’re 20 and I'm 19 so whatever! Whee!"

Jayce shrugged and sat on his bed. "I can't believe how tired I am..."

She stopped bouncing and yawned "I'm cold, maybe a little tired…"

Jayce laid down on the bed, yawning. "I'm gonna get some sleep. G'night Ku." Ku yawned and said good night. But before they both dozed off, the door seemed to slam shut along the windows as the sound of a lock clicking was heard. Jayce sat up in the bed. "Ku, what just happened?"

She looked around "I dunno, Jayce."

Jayce got out of the bed and walked over to the door, only to find out that it was locked. "What the...The door's locked!"

"Oh my god…" she said, getting off the bed and trying the window "Window’s locked too…"

"This is weird, Ku..." he said, looking around the room. Then the unexpected happened as green gas started to flood into the room. Jayce coughed as he inhaled the gas "Augh, what is this stuff?"

"I don't know!" she coughed, as the room seemed to spin.

Jayce started to feel dizzy as he continued to breathe the gas "Ohh..."

"I don't feel so good…" she said woozily as she fell on the ground, the room looking as though it was starting to get bigger.

"Neither do I..." he said, falling on the ground like Ku did, feeling as though the room getting bigger to him too. Ku leaned on her brother as her clothes started to get baggy. Jayce coughed again, his clothes seeming to be even baggier than Ku's already. "What's happening to us?"

"I dunno." She said, covering her mouth. Her voice was high pitched and sounded like she was 10.

" sound younger..." he said, hearing his own voice now.  "And so do I..."

"We’re getting younger!” she said, looking at her hands, which were swallowed by her sleeves.

"Not good..." Jayce said, as his shirt was like a blanket on him already.

"We is getting smaller." she said, both of them reaching about 6 years old in a couple of minutes.

"I don't wanna be a baby!" Jayce yelled, hugging Ku.

"Me either!" she said as they both got to only 3 years old. Jayce started to cry as he continued to get younger. Ku hugged Jayce, trying to comfort him while the crying got even higher pitched, becoming that of a one year old and a two year old as the gas stopped. Jayce continued to cry as he hugged his sister, his mind in turmoil. Kuroi wasn't any better, tears streaming down her face as she hugged Jayce. Jayce finally stopped crying, waiting for something to happen. Kuroi looked at Jayce; her skin was starting to get pale and change to a light blue color.

Jayce saw the changes to Ku and watched. "Ku, wha happenin?"

"I unno…" she frowned, sniffling as Jayce’s skin changed too, quickly becoming fuzzy along with Ku as they both grew ice blue fur.

Jayce looked at the fur curiously. "Ku, wook! Fur!"  They both grew furry fox tails, wiggling a bit behind them. Jayce brought his new tail around and hugged it, feeling as though it would protect him.

Kuroi pouted a bit. Jayce looked at Ku. "Wha's wong Ku?" Kuroi looked at Jayce and tried to say something but only baby gibberish came out. Jayce sighed and looked around while he still hugged his tail. "I wonda where tha Hugo guy is..."

The room started to shift, becoming more childish. Jayce let go of his tail and hugged Ku as the room shifted. "Huh?" Kuroi sniffled as they started to move, shifting to the center of the room as that spot raised up, forming bars around them in a circle crib with a canopy over it. Jayce looked around, still hugging Ku. He whined a bit, not liking being in a crib. The bed shrunk into a changing table, while the walls became a sky blue color with royal blue curtains. It looked like a lavish nursery in only a few seconds. Jayce looked up. "Wo..."

"Piey" she said, trying to say pretty.

Jayce smiled at Ku and then continued to look at the huge room. "Whe's dat Hugo guy?"

The door creaked open as Lord Hugo came in with a smile "Are you two ready for bed?"

Jayce looked at Hugo, growling a bit. "Why shwink us?"

“What are you talking about, my child?"

Jayce hugged his tail and looked at Hugo again. "Why did yoo shwink us?"

Hugo came over and petted Jayce "You must have had a bad dream."

Jayce murred from the petting and sighed, going along with what Hugo said. "Ya..." he said cutely, still hugging his tail.

"Well, it's time for you to go to sleep." he smiled and pressed both Kuroi’s and Jayce’s foreheads, making them slowly go to sleep. “I’ll see you in the morning, my children.”
Another RP between me and :iconkuroikitsunetenshi67:

Once again, all editing done by :iconapollo94:
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communistcreeper Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2015
lord blackwood: oh dear chap, did you just TF some innocent children? I do believe that our queen Victoria made that  illegal
Daniel-D-S Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2012  Student Writer
I like it a bit wierd but i like it
mage20023 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2011  Student Digital Artist
will have a sequence?
TurtwigChampion Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2010  Student Digital Artist

Lord Hugo walked out of the Nursury, and returned to his living room. A large man carrying a long staff with a jewel at the end is sitting in a chair, waiting for him.
???: A deals a deal. You smacked me down, so I did this for you.
Lord Hugo: Yes, and I thank you. You are indeed the King of Oddities.
King Oddity: Yes, yes I am. (Opens a portal) I'll be taking my leave now. Oh! And that room TF's gonna cost you extra.
Lord Hugo: If I return your Jewel of Oddity, will that cover it.
King OdditY: Deal! (Takes a Jewel of Oddity from Lord Hugo) Have a good life. (Warps away)
Lord Hugo: Yes, yes I will.

End of EXTRA!
unknown-ninja-boi93 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2009
I likey!
LordKuroiClockwork Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2009  Student Digital Artist
yay You love me you really do I'm so happy
kyofoxe Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2009
Tutis75 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2009
Pretty good job. I like it. :)
kyofoxe Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2009
thnx. Ku and I are happy when we see that people like our RPs. :D
ANIMEGUY12 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2011
think of continuing it
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