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Kayr was walking with his sister to the campsite they usually go to at this time of year, feeling extremely bored. "God, how much longer till we're there?"

"Don't you just want to enjoy nature?" Kuroi said, giving him a bright smile while she looked over at Kayr, her slightly older brother.

Kayr sighed. "Yeah, but I'd rather get the camp set up first." he said, starting to move a little faster.

"Well then, race you there!" she said, starting to run, getting a good ways ahead of him.

"Oh no you don't!" he said, running to try and catch up to her.

She ran faster "Haha, I’m gonna beat you!" she taunted. When she finally got to the camp site she slumped over a bit and pretended to be old "What took you sooooo long sonny boy?"

Kayr finally got to the camp a minute later. "No fair...I'm weighed down by heavy supplies..." he said, out of breath.

Ku rolled her eyes "Whatever turtle boy." She said, setting her stuff down while she took a deep breath

Kayr sighed and started to set up the camp. "Hey Ku, can you help me with the tent?"

"Sure, bro." she said, going over and helping him set up the Large 4 person tent, even though there was only two of them.

"The tent should be plenty big enough, don't ya think?" he said, a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

"Whatever. You don't wanna be cramped in a small tent like last time do ya?"

"Never again..." he said, remembering last year's camping trip. Kuroi laughed a bit, setting up her sleeping bag. Kayr set up his sleeping bag in the other side of the tent and then stretched. "Well, the camp's set up. I'm gonna go for a walk." he said, walking out of the tent and onto one of the trails.

"Wait for me!” she said, catching up to him. "Don't leave me alone, there could be lions and tigers and bears, oh my!"

Kayr laughed and looked at his sis. "We're in the woods, Ku. There's no lions or tigers, but there might be some bears." he said, laughing

"Well there could be…Ya never know…" she said, pouting a bit while she walked on

Kayr rolled his eyes and continued to walk, hearing a sort of whimpering noise after a while. "Hey Ku, do you hear that?"

"Nope. What did you hear?"

"It sounds like something's hurt." he said, turning to a large bush nearby and pointing to it. "It's coming from over there." Kayr walked over to the bush and looked behind it. Kuroi followed behind her brother, looking over his shoulder at whatever was wounded. "Ku, look. It's a fox, and it looks hurt..." He said, walking slowly over to it. Ku walked over to it slowly and said "Aww, you poor thing…" Kayr stood next to Ku and looked at it, seeing a large gash on its side. "That looks really bad, but I doubt we can do anything. I really wanna help." That's when he noticed that the fox had two tails instead of one. "Ku, look..."

"I noticed that already." she said, giving a sad look while reaching out to pet the fox

Kayr noticed that the whimpering wasn't coming from the fox in front of him and then noticed a kit nearby. "Ku, I think this is that kit's mother...It just makes me want to help even more..."

"Oh my god, please don't die…" she said, stroking the fox as she looked over at the poor kit, almost spewing tears.

"I wish we could help...Ku, there's nothing we can do...We could save the kit, but it'd probably die without its mother." he said sadly.

"But that’s not fair!" she said, starting to cry as she looked at the poor little kit.

Kayr sighed and his eyes widened as he heard an unfamiliar voice. "Do not cry for me...There is a way you can help..." the voice said, and Kayr looked down to see that it came from the vixen. "Ku...She's talking..." It made Ku jump back a bit, looking at the vixen as she wheezed out speech. "Don't be afraid of me...Now, would you like to help me and my kit?" the vixen asked. Kuroi nodded slowly, as if she had just seen death. "Good. The only way you would be able to help, though, would be for you to accept our lives into yours..." she said, coughing, with blood visibly seen. Kayr looked at the vixen, and slowly nodded.

"Wait, what?" Ku asked, looking a bit confused.

Kayr looked at Ku. "She's asking if you could allow her or her kit to become a part of you."

The vixen smiled weakly, saying, "He is correct..."

"Uh, okay, but will I still have thumbs? I mean, I like my thumbs…" Ku said, looking at the vixen.

The vixen looked at Ku. "Yes. It will change you, but not completely to a form like my own. Now, do you accept?"

She thought about it for a bit, and then smiled, saying, "Okay then."

The vixen smiled, and both she and her kit turned into orbs of light. The one of the vixen went into Kayr, and the one of the kit went into Ku. "Whoa..."

Ku shook her head a bit, "Wow, that was so… Wow…" Ku shook her head, standing up.

Kayr laughed as he stood up, rubbing his eyes. "That was amazing, but I'm really tired. Let's get back to camp, Ku." Ku stood up, and yawned as she walked back to camp with her brother. Kayr changed into the clothes he brought to sleep in, and climbed into his sleeping bag. "G'night Ku." She was already asleep, laying her head on the pillow of her sleeping bag.

Kayr woke up the next morning feeling weird. "Oy...why do I feel so bad this morning..." he said, as he reached up to scratch the top of his head, and felt two pointed shapes that shouldn't have been there. "What the!?" he yelled. Kuroi's scream was heard as a tail waved in the air behind her. Kayr rushed out of his part of the tent and into Ku's. "Ku, what's wrong?!" he asked, his eyes going wide as he saw the tail.

Ku rambled angrily, not even sounding like speech anymore "Shbnadkvnsdkaf!”

Kayr sighed. "Ku, calm down and tell me what happened." he said, his new ears flattened against his head.

"fshbfshd TAIL! fghebrghebrg EARS!!" she said angrily, taking off her sleeping cap to show the crimson red furred ears on her head.

"Ku, calm down a little more...I still can't understand what you're saying..." he said, as he unkowingly grew a long, red furred tail. Ku’s face seemed to start to grow red, not out of anger, but because of red fur growing everywhere on her, her tail flicking behind her as she looked at Kayr. Kayr watched as Ku grew fur and said, "Ku, you just grew fur..." as he started to grow fur as well.

"Oh yeah? What else is new…" she pouted, growling a bit while her face started to push itself outwards

“Well, you have a muzzle..." he said as he walked over and sat down next to Ku.

“Shut up…" she said, sniffling a bit while she curled her tail around her waist.

"Ku, it's okay..." he said, as his face also pushed out to form a muzzle. Her fingers molded together, and shrunk slightly as a soft pad grew on the palm of her hand while she leaned on Kayr. Kayr smiled and hugged Ku as his hands went through the same changes hers had. Ku wanted to cry again as she hugged her brother back. Kayr sighed, comforting Ku again as his legs and feet changed, his feet becoming paws, and his legs shifting to digitigrade. That is the point that he began to feel weird all over his body. "Ku...I feel really weird..."

She shook a bit, starting to shrink as she looked at Kayr "What’s happening to us? I thought it was done…"

Kayr groaned as his entire body started to slim down. "I thought so too...and it looks like you're shrinking, Ku."

"I am not." she said, frowning as she looked slightly up at Kayr.

Kayr grinned as he looked down at Ku. "Yeah you are." he said, as his hair started to grow to a long length.

"Well you’re turning into a girl!" she said, looking at Kayr while she scooted back.

Kayr looked at Ku puzzledly. "What?" he said, his features continuing to slim down to a feminine point. Kuroi pointed to Kayr’s chest as it started to expand. Kayr looked down at his chest and groaned as it started to expand at a faster rate. "Oh god..."

"Are you okay?" Ku said in a concerned voice for her broth....uhh...sister. Kayr nodded as the expanding stopped, close to ripping his shirt. His eyes widened as he felt his manhood disappear, and the rest of his body shift into a feminine shape. Kuroi giggles a bit, looking at Kayr, since her brother had been transformed into her sister, though she was slowly starting to begin changing too. She was starting to get smaller.

Kayr sighed, looking at Ku again, and grinned. "Hey Ku, you're shrinking again." she said, her voice having changed.

"So what…" she said sniffling as she got smaller. Her mature features quickly got smaller, going through teens, and then into childhood.

"Hmmm...I think you're not just shrinking, Ku. I think you're getting younger..." she said, moving over to sit next to Ku. She sobbed a bit as her shirt seemed more like a night gown on her, covering her legs while she slipped further back in age, into late childhood at the age of 7 or 8. Kayr hugged Ku to comfort her. "It's okay Ku..." Ku sobbed on her new sister as she got smaller, turning back the clock to the age of 5 and almost in Kayr’s lap.  Kayr picked Ku up as she continued to shrink. "I wonder how young you're going to get..." Ku kept shrinking, getting down to about 1 year of age, looking like a little fuzz ball in Kayr's arms.

Kayr looked down at Ku with concern. "Ku, are you okay? Ya look really cute like this..." she said, as she started to grow. Kuroi looked at Kayr with a pout as she was just a small child. Kayr cuddled Ku as she continued to grow, getting older. "Ohh...I feel weird again..." Ku still sourly pouted, but was glad that at least she was still somewhat human. Kayr's mind changed as she stopped growing, now feeling motherly towards Ku. "It's okay Ku."

She looked up at Kayr, thinking she got the better end of this deal. Kayr suddenly heard the vixen's voice in her head. "I thank you for doing this for me. Now that you're a mother, I hope you take good care of your kit." the voice said. Kayr looked down at Ku and kissed her forehead. "I'm thinking the rest of our lives are going to be pretty weird, Ku...Don't cha think so, too?" Ku tries to swipe at Kayr with her little claws. She still pouted at her, even though she didn't get the full extent of the whole sentence. Kayr laughed as Ku tried to scratch her. "Oh's gonna be weird..." Ku wiggled, giving a small temper fit as she was unhappy right now. Kayr tickled Ku, making her laugh. "I think I could get used to this..." she said, thanking the vixen for everything that had happened.
A TF TG AP/AR RP between myself and :iconkuroikitsunetenshi67:.

All editing done by :iconapollo94:

Since I'm not sure whether this is mature or not, It won't be until someone says it truly is.
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Kayr sighed. "Ku, calm down and tell me what happened." he said, his new ears flattened against his head.

"fshbfshd TAIL! fghebrghebrg EARS!!" she said angrily

switch he and she.
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